Hey Boll Weevil

by Hey Boll Weevil

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PHOTO: SORRY! There are no photos of Hey Boll Weevil (anyone out there have any photos of us? Like in the hot tub or something???)

We were all in other bands- me and Eedge, Jonny and Mooshie. I was working full time, too, and Jonny had a job at a hot-tub place in one of those towns in Marin. We'd meet in SF in the evening and drive all the way out to the 'Pus's rehearsal place in San Geronimo Valley, the cops behind us all the way (it's 25 MPH from Marin City to Point Reyes, or we pull you nigger-lovers over...) Afterwards it was all about soaking in the tub with Hawaii-bread and occasionally a few friends at the hot-tub place until 5 AM, and in the morning I was back at the grind.
How I convinced these fucking amazing musicians to play my songs I will never know.
These recordings were made on a boom box sitting in a corner of the rehearsal room.


released January 7, 1990




Phil Freeborn Missouri

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