by Phil Freeborn

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In 2002, I opened Claustrophobia Sound Studio. Finally, I had a professional recording studio all to myself. Except for one small problem: in order to pay the rent and stay in business, I had to take on whatever projects I could find, whenever, without regard for whether or not I liked the music. For about ten years, I ran studios in Berlin, and being in the business swallowed up almost every second of every day; I only rarely had a spare moment to make my own music, and when I did have time to myself, I spent it as far from the studio as I could. Still, there were a few isolated creative flurries. I planned to create another alter ego, this time a certain "Preacher Pickett" (see the film "The Harder They Come" to understand where he got his name), a charismatic priest who preaches atheism and anarchy, and now and then there's been a song to record under my own name. I've also played in a few cover bands- the Threebones come to mind- but I can't upload covers here, 'cuz I ain't got the rights.


released January 13, 2013

Phil Freeborn- everything




Phil Freeborn Missouri

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Track Name: Preacher Pickett - Faules Vieh
Ein Schwein wird gekreuzigt, mal
Ab und zu
Dies ist die Story von
Einen gibt es immer, der schlimmer ist als man, es
Spart dir den blick in den Spiegel von wo das
Urschwein schaut dich an.

Es war'n die Anderen, die Anderen, die Ander-Ander-Anderen.

Der Mensch
Das ist ein faules Vieh...

Es fühlt sich wohl zuhause
Das Vieh in seinem Recht
In seiner kleinen Herde,
Da wo nichts ist echt.
Sieht wie herausfordert,
die Nutzung seines Hirns
Sieht wie schnell das Opfer
Dann zum Mörder wird

Es war'n die Anderen, die Anderen...
Track Name: Preacher Pickett - Xper-3
Programming: me
Track Name: Preacher Pickett - A Man Is A Mouth
Everything: me