White Logic

by White Logic


WHITE LOGIC, SF, ca. 1989-1991


I recorded a band demo at my place South of Market at about the time Wonder Merriment was falling apart, and the rhythm section of that band was about to jump ship. I convinced them to start a band with me, and we became White Logic. Skip and Marc, bass and drums- they were incredibly talented musicians, and great guys, too, but unbelievably contentious. I should have known when we named the band that it wouldn't end well: I made some very dumb comment about something, and Skip said "Man, that's white logic." The two of them died laughing. I was the only white guy there, so I nervously giggled too; the name stuck. I remember eternal late night conversations with Skip over how lame Marc was. Later they made up and I started getting calls from Marc, saying how he was getting tired of Skip slagging me off. Sooner or later the whole thing blew, but not before we held the record for a time, of the band who played Sunday afternoon at the Nightbreak, "free audition concerts," more than any other band. I'm not sure if we ever actually got paid for a gig, but I do remember a film production on the street below our practice room window once paid us to stop playing; we were disturbing them.


released January 6, 1991



Phil Freeborn Missouri

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