Wonder Merriment

by Wonder Merriment

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WONDER MERRIMENT, SF, ca. 1988-1989
Marc "Dunaway" was another bass player I met at a party. By this time I'd moved to SF, and had a practice space south of Market, just when the "scene' there was starting up (SoMa had been a traditionally hardcore gay neighborhood until the disaster of AIDS decimated its population. By 1986 or so, the first wave of what would become massive gentrification had arrived). I've also forgotten where I met Mike, the drummer, but he became a lasting friend, too. Only psychiatrist I've ever played with! Marc was a French guy, into New Model Army and the likes. We did this punky band sort of as a lark, but at some point we actually had a truly sleazy manager who booked us a couple of shows and made of with every cent. I do remember him actually ordering a couple of his sexy girlfriends to kiss us as we left the stage at an otherwise unattended gig. We weren't supposed to know he knew them.


released January 6, 1989




Phil Freeborn Missouri

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